TAXAN-P (Paclitaxel)

Description -

Extend Values To Life

Generic Name Strength Type Packing Packing Size
Paclitaxel 100  mg Inj Vial 16.7  ml
Paclitaxel 260  mg Inj Vial 43.4  ml

Paclitaxel is an Anticancer (" antineoplastic" or " cytotoxic")chemotherapy drug. Paclitaxel is classified as a " Plant alkaloid" a ' Taxane and an " antimicrotubule agent".

What Paclitaxel is used for ?

Paclitaxel is used for the treatement of bresat, ovarian, lung, bladder, prostate, esophageal, melanoma, as well as for some other types of solid tumors. It has been also used in Kaposi's Sarcom.

Dose Window

135mg/m2 to 175mg/m2 or as recommended by a medical practionar

Note : If a drug has been approved for one use Doctors some timee elect to use the same drug for some other problems if they believe it might be helpful.