T-Gramin (Wheatgrass Tablets 500 mg)

Description -

This is a wheat grass tablet of 500 mg.

This tablet is a Miracle in the food suppliments as it contains, 92 minerals, 17 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids, and 30 typye of Enzymes and 13 type of Important Vitamins.

70% part of the wheat grass is chlorophyll, which is a strong DNA protector, and is an excellent natural antioxidant .

It is a gold mine in food suppliments, 100% Organic and Safe.

Has been approved by USDA, NPOP, USFDA etc.

Its in a bottle pack of two sizes-

  • 120 Tab Pack Bottle
  • 60 Tab Pack Bottle.

Dose is 2-3 tab twice a day or as recommended by a medical practitioner