G-BINE (Gemcitabine HCL)

Description -

Strikes the Balance between Efficacy and toxicity 

Generic Name Strength Type Packing Pack Size
Gemcitabine 200  mg Inj Vial 10  ml
Gemcitabine 1000  mg Inj Vial 50  ml
Gemcitabine 1.4  gm Inj Vial 70  ml

Gemcitabine HCL is an Anticancer chemotherapy drug, and is neucleoside analogue that exhibits anti tumor activity.

Gemcitabine HCL is classified as an antimetabolite.

What Gemcitabine is used for ?....Gemcitabine  is used for the treatement of Pancreas, Non Small cell lung cancer, Metastatic bresat cancer, bladder cancer, and soft tissue Sarcomas.

Dose Window....  1000mg/m2 to 1250mg/m2 or 2gm weekly or as recommended by a medical practionar.

Note : If a drug has been approved for one use Doctors some time elect to use the same drug for some other problems if they believe it might be helpful.